Pocket Films provides consultancy services to assist companies in the film industry produce elegant online, print and mobile publications. We’ve built our service on 14 years experience, in the UK and US, of producing a wide range of film guides. Contact us if you want inspirational ideas, innovative design and efficient production

Pocket Films has launched 12 film guides - combinations of web sites, pocket guides and mobile apps. Our guides promote a range of products, services and companies. in the consumer and b2b sectors.

Pocket Films has launched THE STUDIO MAP, a resource for film and TV studios in the UK. The guide comprises of a pocket publication with a print run of 10,000 copies, a dedicated web site and a mobile app. The guide lists nearly 40 studios in south east England and is being expanded to cover the UK.
28 May 2012

The ninth edition of SCREENING ROOM MAP, our guide to London’s screening rooms and cinemas for hire, has just been launched. 15,000 copies of the pocket guide were inserted into four leading industry magazines.
28 February 2012

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